Several ways you can manage your health

Staying healthy or being healthy is a delight of many people or better still everybody.  Humans want to stay fine always because that is the way we can enjoy life and live longer. Health is wealth they say and this is highly true. You can only make more money by yourself if you are healthy. The reason why i use the words ' by yourself' is that some people make money when they are sick through donations and assistance from
people. You can also make money by yourself when you are healthy and fit. Let take footballers as an example. When they are physically strong and injury free, they perform to their optimum and make money through their performances day- in-day-out. They play many matches as they could and earn bonuses in the process. It is also easy for them to move to another club when they are healthy. But when they are injured, things change and is not a good thing for the player, the club and anyone benefitting from the player fitness and talents. Some players even loss their once glitter career when they have a long time injury. Some loss their first team position to other player when they are injured and unable to gain back the position when they are fit. You all will agree with me that 'it is when someone is healthy that he can make money at least by himself.'

There are several ways you can maintain, improve and manage your health. It is highly important to be able to enjoy a good health as long as possible. And if you are already sick, which everyone would, it is better to know how to reverse your condition or to manage it if it cannot be reversed.

One of the things that can give you a good health is good food or balanced diets as medical people like to call it. Balanced diets are essential if we want to have good health because we get most of the vital nutrients and vitamins from the food we eat. However, eating good food is not the same thing as eating expensive and delicious food. My dad often said that you don't have to be rich before you eat good foods. He said some of the inexpensive foods eaten by the poor are nourished foods but often overlooked because they are inexpensive.

Avoid foods that are rich in fat as much as possible. Though they make you big, they are killing you slowly. One of the food enjoyed by rich people is 'red meat' and is not good for your long time health. Some people eat more meat than stuffs and they think they are enjoying. Well, they might be enjoying now but they will face the consequences later. Your road to good health start now from today. Even if you are sick now, you can still research into your kind of sickness and look at how you could reverse and manage it naturally.

One of the ways to be healthy is to invest your time and money or let me say your resources in health education. You have to learn about health the way you learn about other things in life. We learn about finance and how to make more money. When we see a book about 'how to become rich' we will definitely want to read it, but when we see a book on how to 'have a good health' many people will ignore it because they think is boring. People like to read, listen and watch entertaining stuffs and that is why entertainers are making lots of money.

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 Entertainments blogs and websites are driving huge number of traffics to their sites because they are giving people want they want. However, you must read, listen to and watch health related videos in order to boost your chance of being more healthy and live longer. When people are tuning their radio, they are doing so in order to listen to news, entertainment or their favorite programs but definitely not a health program. They read, listen to and watch health programs by chance, especially if they are not sick yet. This is not suppose to be so, dedicate your time to educate yourself about health issues, though this does not mean that you will not sick but will definitely help since knowledge is power.

To stay healthy you need to be eaten food as at when due. You need to be eaten food in time, don't wait until you are so hungry before you eat, especially if food is not your problem. Make sure you put something good in your stomach especially in the morning. Your breakfast is essential even if you are dieting and on a weight loss plan. Your breakfast will give you the necessary energy you need to carry out your daily task. If you don't eat breakfast and you are working, your organs will suffer and you will pay for it with a devastating health. Therefore, in my own view, breakfast is more important than lunch and dinner.

To stay healthy, please drink enough water daily. Water is to our body as engine oil is to vehicles. Even vehicles use water and they overheat and develop faults if they lack enough water. Our body works the same way. Our blood is made of water and our organs cannot function without water. One of the body organs that need water so much is the kidney. If you are not drinking enough water you are damaging your kidney. One question is : how much water is enough water? Answer: there are two school of thought about enough water. One school of thought said drinking over 500 litres of water daily is what is required by our body. While this is good if you can do it but the negative side of it is that you must be drinking that large quantity of water everyday to stay healthy. Another school of thought said that you can drink water according to the demand of your body. They believe that you will know that you are not drinking enough water because your body will be telling you and it will reflect in your body. This school of thought want you to drink when you are eating food and make sure you drink whenever you are a thirsty. I think i would go with this second school of thought since too much of everything is bad even water. I believed and advised in drinking water first thing in the morning and leave an interval like 30 minutes before you eat your breakfast. If this is hard for you to do, do it anytime you are brushing your teeth, at least you will use water to brush your teeth, take that advantage to drink like 2-4 cups depending on your ability. Is not compulsory you drink 1000 litres of water everyday to stay healthy, in my own view, but drink water as often as you can and as enough as possible according to your own definition of enough water. One thing that is sure is that you will know if you are drinking enough water or not. Some of the health benefits of drinking water early in the morning is that it helps to detoxify and cleanse your body organs and to slowly wake it up. It helps to lubricate your body organs for the day ahead and for proper functioning. Is just a normal logic, one that is working for people and will definitely work for you. There was one article i posted on how to use warm water to cure nearly all sicknesses. Is very essential you read it because it might help. It is called 'warm water therapy' developed by group of Japanese medical specialists after years of research. It is recommended that you drink about four cups of warm water early in the body 45 minutes before breakfast. They listed the days and the numbers of days it will take to cure each disease with the warm water therapy. I could remember that diabetes, nerve damage, high blood pressure is 30 days, cancer is 9 months and so on.

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Another way you could stay healthy is to be making money. Money is needed to achieve success in life even health wise. You need money to buy good foods and balance diets. You need money even to buy water. You need money to buy vitamins supplement, to buys drugs and to pay hospital bills anytime you are down. Lack of money can even make sure to develop sickness such as high blood pressure when you are thinking too much on how to pay your debt or to make up with your financial demands. If you are eating only one type of food as a result of lack of money, overtime you will develop sickness that is caused by excessive eating of that class of food. For instance, if you are eating rice everyday and throughout the day for a long time, you might develop diabetes and all sugar related diseases. Am not saying those that have diabetes do so because they eat much rice, since diabetes is also hereditary, what am saying is that it could cause it when eaten undiluted for a long period of time. Try to mix up your classes of food. Eat vegetables as often as possible. In essence, you need money-not millions-to live a healthy lifestyle but mind you having enough money can also make you to be eating delicious foods that could ruin your health.

Another way to stay healthy is to be active in physical exercises no matter how little it is. Exercise works also like drug, food, water and other health therapies. Exercise helps to warm your body organs which is what those organs needed. They need to warm up just like you need to warm up your engines for them to perform to optimum. It could reduces your blood sugar level, high blood pressure  and other health risks. Exercise is not until you do a high physical activities. Activities like jogging, walking, cycling, jumping are also good. Is not until you go to the street or gym before you can exercise. You could exercise in your room. You might not achieve the same level of health benefits as going to gym but is better than none.


To be healthy it is also important to stay away from smoking. Smoking can damage the lung and cause all sorts of cancer related diseases. It may even trigger other forms of heart diseases. Don't smoke and move away from people that smoke.

Also moderate consumption of alcohol is advised. It will be better if you could avoid alcohol but that does not make you to be healthy than those that drink alcohol at least moderately. Alcohol is also good for the body but too much is not good. However, those with some kinds of disease should avoid alcohol totally. Talk to your doctor about your sickness and the quantity of alcohol you can consume daily and whether you should completely avoid it.

If you are an habitual smoker or drunkard, ( some people are both) it will be difficult for you to curb your habit, but you must do it because is essential for your long time health. Is not that those that follow all my recommendations will not sick, i sick myself since sickness and death is natural but it is human to follow some basic medical and health rules and logics while we still alive. For instance, it is better to cover our faeces to avoid cholera and other epidemics. While we will surely sick and die one day, it is essential we follow some basic health logics to extend our lifespan and to save others.

Take the above advice into heart and you could change your health status for the better. If you like the article, you can subscribe to my email list for daily health articles. You could share it to your twitter and Facebook pages. Your comment will also be appreciated.


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