2 Top Herbal Remedies For Malaria

Malaria can be described as an unusual high body temperature, chill, headache, sweat etc. Malaria is transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito.


Despite several efforts taken by the government and the public, malaria is still the number one killing disease especially in Africa where mosquitoes are most dominant.


1. Keep your enviroment clean and support the government on the programs on ground to make the enviroment clean as much as possible. Mosquitoes thrive in dirty enviroment, so keeping your enviroment clean is the best way to eradicate mosquitoes and malaria.

2. Fumigate your room and sorrounding with insecticides from time to time.

3. Always sleep under treated mosquito net especially in mosquito populated area.

4. Protect your windows and door with mosquito net.

5. Use malaria medication routinely with recommendation from your doctor, especially if you are living in mosquito populated area.

6. Always use malaria vaccines or drugs before and after you travel to a mosquito populated area.


1. Drink moringa powder and grinded ginger mix with pap without sugar, two times daily, morning and night.

2. -Peel ginger and garlic

– Slice to pieces

– add lemon grass and water

– boil

– drink as tea, twice daily

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