Should Diabetes People Eat Potato

Should Diabetes People Eat Potato

When it comes to diet, one of the last food that will come to the mind of most diabetes patients is potato. This is due to it natural sweetness. Since, too much sugar is not good for diabetes, many believed that eating potato is like you are committing suicide.

Potato is very rich in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients that is useful for the human health. Potato is also rich in carbohydrete but good one to be precised.

Since, people with diabetes still need to eat carbohydrate atleast the amount needed by the body to perform it daily activities in terms of providing energy and so fort. What diabetes people just need to do is to pick healthy carbohydrates over unhealthy ones and to know the normal amount per day which will not be injurious to their body.

If a diabetes patients want to eat potato, another question is that which one between white and sweet potato is good for them?

I throw the question to you, which one do you think is good for diabetes? I know some will say white, some will say sweet while others will say either or neither.

When the question was thrown to one diabetes woman, she says none of the two kind of potato should be eaten by diabetics. Do you agree with her? Well if you are not diabetic it will be hard for you to answer the question correctly because it will even be hard to get the correct answer from diabetes people talkless of people who are not experiencing the sickness.

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This question is one of the questions bothering diabetes people and they really want to get an answer to it. Well enough of parabulation.

The answer is that both kind of potato, meaning both white and sweet potatoes are highly rich in vitamins, potassium, and fiber. As a result both can be eaten by diabetes people. Only that sweet potatoes have an advantage, an edge over white potatoes when it comes to diabetes.

The advantage sweet potatoes have over white potatoes is that sweet potatoes don’t raise blood sugar as much as
white potatoes.


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