17 Common Symptoms of Depression

Depression is one of the most dangerous illness in life because the victims will not know that he or she is suffering from depression. The only ways to know is by reading articles such as this one you are reading or by visiting your doctor.

Depression is a serious disease because you and the people around you will know that you have changed but
a clear reason cannot be given. Though, the way Mr A will show a sign of depression will be different from the way Mr. B will show it but the following common symptoms of depression can help you to know whether you or someone close to you is suffering from depression.

17 Common Symptoms of Depression

1. Sleeping less(insomnia) or you sleeping too much/oversleeping(hypersomnia)

2. Increase in the level of alcohol consumption

3. You start developing a violent attitude

4. Development of negative thought than usual or normal

5. Loss of concentration

6. You are more aggressive, disrespectful and short-tempered

7. Irritability

8. Hopelessness

9. Undue loss of appetite or increase appetite

10. You are fed up with life and feel like dying

11. You have lost interest in your normal daily activities, business, association, religion even in your spouse

12. An undue weight gain or loss

13. Loss of energy and vitality

14. Strong feelings of worthlessness or guilt

15. Engaging in reckless behavior by thinking that you need to get from good to bad, from saint to sinner.

16. Lost of focus

17 Undue physical complaints and pains such as headaches, back pain, aching muscles, and stomach pain.

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