18 Fruits And Herbs For Diabetes

Fruits, herbs and vegetables are very essential in the diet of diabetics because of their high fiber, nutrients and vitamin content. The problem is that many diabetes patients don’t know the kind of fruit to consume since most fruits are sugary in taste and two, they are very careful when it comes to chosen what they eat in order not to trigger their blood sugar.


1. Apple

Apple is a good fruit for diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases prevention and control. Though, people with diabetes were not free to consume large quantity of apple like non-diabetics. Consuming one apple a day is recommended for non-diabetics and this will keep them at bay from doctors and prevent them from developing diabetes. Another reason apple is good for diabetes is that it lowers high blood pressures due to low sodium content. It also induces the secretion of urine which help to bring them the blood pressure and sugar to normal level. Remember, if high blood pressure level is high, blood sugar will also go up.

2. Carbage
Carbage contains a type of acid called tartronic acid which prevent the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrate into some fat preventing obesity and control diabetes. Carbage is also good for the treatment of heart and hypertension because it contains anti-oxidant vitamin A, C and E which enhances the regeneration of the arterial wall.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber helps to control diabetes because it has few carbohydrate and rich in vitamins and minerals making it a healthy food for diabetes and to control obesity.

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4. Garden egg

Garden egg is also a recommended diet or fruit for hypertensive and diabetic patients. It helps to normalize blood sugar. Garden egg is rich in fiber and low in sugar.

5. Garlic

Garlic is recommended for the treatment of diabetes because it helps to normalize the sugar level in the blood. Garlic promotes waste excretions process which enhances diabetes. Garlic also regulates blood pressure and reduces the cholesterol level in the blood.

6. Ginger

Ginger is used for treating diabetes because it helps to lower cholesterol level.

7. Guava

Guava may also be considered as good fruit for diabetes because it helps to lower cholesterol level in the blood and normalizes blood pressure.

8. Lettuce

Lettuce is considered a good fruit for diabetes and a good remedy for the treatment of diabetes since it control the blood sugar level.

9. Mango

Tender leaves of mango tree are used in the treatment of diabetes. The fresh leaves is squeezed and soaked in some water. When taking every morning, it helps to control blood sugar.

10. Onion

Onion also helps to control blood pressure and blood sugar. A recommended one for diabetes.

11. Plantain

I know this will not be strange to diabetes patients. Unripe plantain is the ideal food for diabetes patients because of it’s low content of carbohydrate and sugar.

12. Potato (IRISH)

Potato is also good for diabetes because it contains high fiber and helps to reduce cholesterol level in the blood. It also reduces hypertension because it contains low sodium and fat.

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13. Soya beans

Soya beans is a good diet for diabetic patient because it has high amount of carbohydrate but little or no starch. It also help to reduce cholesterol level in the blood and contains no fat.

14. Tomatoes

Tomatoes is good for diabetes and weight reduction. For weight reduction, the fresh juice of tomato mixed with water should be taken over empty stomach.

15. Vegetables

Some people have controlled and reversed their diabetes through proper consumption of vegetables.

16. Water melon

Water melon is good for diabetes because it is low in sugar. Water melon is also good for weight control.

17. Water

Water is recommended for diabetes patients because it aids proper functioning of body organs and reduce the concentration of blood sugar.

18. Tumeric

A tablespoon of tumeric powder daily normalizes blood pressure and sugar.

There are other fruits that are good for diabetes, feel free to share it through comment.


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