17 Foods For Weight Loss And Diabetes Control

Foods that are good for weight and diabetes control are those low in calories and fats but high in vitamins and nutrients.

The following list of foods are good for dieters that want to loss weight and at the same time prevent or control diabetes.


1. Chicken Broth

Instead of cooking with oil, you can cook with chicken stock
this will help you to avoid the high calories of cooking oil which is not good for someone trying to loss weight and prevent diabetes.

2. Old Fashioned Oatmeal

New school oatmeal are often loaded with
sugar but old fashioned oats like the cardboard canister oats are healthy and each hearty serving provides 150 calories.This is good for weight loss and diabetes diet.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber is low in calories so good for weight loss and diabetes diet.

4. Chick peas

A half cup of chick peas which also good for the heart has about 130 calories, almost 6 grams of fiber and 7 grams of filling protein. This is good for weight loss and diabetes control.

5. Peanut Butter ( in packets) is also good for weight loss and prevention of diabetes.

6. Roast Beef
Thinly sliced roast beef could satisfy your craving for red meat if you want to loss weight since a 2-ounce serving only has about 80 calories.
Using the roast beef in a cucumber sandwich is also recommended to escape calories from bread and avoid excessive weight gain and diabetes.

7. Old School Popcorn

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Popcorn especially old-school one can help you to lose weight faster and successfully.
Naturally made pop corn provides about 90 calories per serving. It can also used to control blood sugar in diabetes.

8. Shrimp

Shrimp is recommended for weight loss and diabetes prevention diet since a single serving of medium shrimp provides 17 grams of protein and only 77 calories.

9. Eggs

I know it will surprise readers to find eggs on the list of best
foods for weight loss and diabetes prevention.
A single hard boiled egg contains only 72 calories and over 6 grams of protein. Though, there is some fat in eggs, but you can remove the yolk and eat the white.

10. Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg lettuce is recommended for anyone serious about losing weight and control diabetes because it has only 7 calories per cup.

11. Grapefruit

You should make grapefruit part of your diet routine because one half grapefruit has only 52 calories and is highly rich in vitamins A, C and B6. This good for those that want to loss weight and control blood sugar.

12. Cheese Minis

Each mini cheese serving contains just 70 calories. Good for weight loss management.

13. Beef Jerky

A natural style beef jerky is good diet for anyone trying to loss weight since it has only 70 calories and 13 grams of protein per serving.

14. Asian Yogurt

Asian yogurt is the top recommended yogurt for weight loss and prevent diabetes because each cup of Tarte Asian Yogurt has 12 grams of protein and only 110 calories and 13 grams of sugar.

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15. Radishes

Radishes are recommended for weight loss diet because is rich in fiber and super low in calories and each large radish provides only 1 calorie! This is a good diet for diabetes control.

16. Slaw Mix

The broccoli slaw blends that include carrots and slaw blends that include only cabbage are equally healthy diet for weight loss and diabetes prevention and control.

17. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is recommended for weight loss and diabetes control because one it is cheap and also a serving of cauliflower vegetable has only 25 calories 2.5 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein.


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