New-onset diabetes patients should test for pancreatic cancer

Diabetic patient are advice to visit a physician for pancreas cancer as these diseases are linked to each other.If you have diabetes, you can consider enrolling in a screening program for pancreatic cancer. This is the advice of researchers from the University of Melbourne, in Australia, who have demonstrated that there is an association between the two diseases.

In a recent study,
data from 1973 to 2013 surveyed by clinicians and mathematicians revealed that there was a time-dependent relationship between being diagnosed with diabetes and developing pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is incurable and often doesn’t show symptoms until it is very advanced; this makes it one of the deadliest forms of cancer. Therefore, doctors of patients with newly diagnosed diabetes without an obvious cause are advice to consider testing their diabetic patients for pancreatic cancer.

People with diabetes should properly take care of their disease and abide by the advice of their doctors because the risk of pancreatic cancer and other form of cancer in patients who had been recently diagnosed is higher than average for a long time following the diagnosis.

However, this does not mean that people with diabetes will die soon or will develop cancer as many people live with diabetes more than 30 years after diagnosis with proper management with diets and exercise.

It is important to know that people with diabetes without significant risk factors for developing diabetes in the first place are the most susceptible to developing pancreatic cancer. The risk is nil or minimal in those that develop the disease as a result of hereditary, lifestyle, diets and other form of risk factors.


both diabetic patients that have causes for the disease and those that could not race the disease to any factors such as hereditary and lifestyle should take care of their sugar level and closely monitor their food.


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