6 Reasons Why Children Develop Diabetes Than Before

Children are now developing diabetes type 2 at an alarming rate. This type of diabetes was considered as an adult diabetes before. But now both young and old including the children are susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

If children had diabetes before, it will be type 1 because 99% of children diabetes then are type 1. That is why type 2 diabetes was considered an adult disease.

Figures from health institutions and organisations revealed that thousands of children in the modern world
are joining the diabetes rank every year. From America to Africa to Asia, children are now been diagnosed with diabetes everyday.

The question that we can definitely ask is that why the sudden risen in type 2 diabetes among children?


1. One thing i know is responsible for diabetes rate increment among children and adult is our modern lifestyle which favors diabetes development.

2. Another reason for the increment of diabetes among children is that high number of children now are more obese compare to decades ago. You will see many children that their stature will look like an older age because they are obese and they will be happy about it. Some children will even increase their age because they want to take advantage of their fat stature to claim level and seniority among their peers and even among those that are older. Imagine, such children will never want to slim down or reduce their weight because they like the way they are.

3. Another reason is that people were more richer than before. I mean there are more rich families now than before because of the easy way to transact business and availability of companies and industries than before. Such highly paid workers will definitely feed their families. Many rich family believe that eating sweet and delicious food is how they could enjoy life and their money. This will then have an aftereffect on the children as they were feed fat and junk foods right from the start of their life. Studies have shown that there is a link between early obesity and insulin resistance.


4. Another reason is increase in genetic inheritance. What do i mean? Since the rate of diabetes is also high in adults more than before, these adults will definitely pass diabetes to their children through their gene. And we know diabetes is hereditary.

5. Another reason for the alarming rate of diabetes in children is that most of these children are sedentary. Children of today don’t work hard as before and that is a fault from their parents. They think they are caring for them but they are spoiling their health.

6. One more reason for the increase of type 2 diabetes among children is that most children now are consuming more sugary products than children of olden days. Parents will buy all sort of sugary products for their children especially when they are going to school in the morning.


It should not be surprising that children of today are developing type 2 diabetes because our modern lifestyle encourages it and their parent also love it. Changing of diets to foods low in sugar, calories and fat and reduction of weight can make diabetes in both adult and children undetectable.


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