How To Reverse Diabetes Type 2 With Diets

It must be admitted that living with diabetes is not easy because you have to follow a daily routine of using your medications as at when due. It is even a terrible case for those on insulin, some diabetics take insulin daily, as they need to be injecting themselves with needles.

Contrary to popular believe that diabetes cannot be reverse, a clinical trial has proven that type 2 diabetes, can be reversed and with your diet.
Weight loss has been said to be able to improve diabetes condition. Accordingly
, IU Health Arnett Doctor Sarah
Hallberg helped to create a diet
for a weight loss study program examining how a low carb
diet can serve as a treatment for

The diet was designed in such a way that it is low in carbs,
moderate on protein intake and
suggests high levels of fat.

I know that you will be surprised to read that the diet ‘suggests high levels of fat.’
However, the fat are not harmful ones cause the fat sources are all real food
sources from
dairy, butter fat, heavy whipping
cream, and coconut oil.
Hallberg said there are meat sources for those people
who choose to eat meat but adviced not to eat meat in order to follow a
proper low carb high fat diet.

The following are 2 testimonies from two people out of the many that have participated and benefited from the program.


1. Debra Jones has seen a reverse in
her diabetes and other health
issues, and she gave the credit to changing her
“I was on insulin and diabetic
medicine and I’m off of it now,
my sugar stay real low, and I’m
also off of my blood pressure
medicine, it’s just, it’s just
unbelievable,” said Jones.

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2. Lisa Asbury is another participant
who has been able to reverse her diabetes through her involvement in the diet study.
She encourage
people with diabetes to join the
weight loss program.
“This is the easiest way of eating
that I have learned in my entire
life, you can take your life back
you don’t have to sit at home and
be depressed and not leave
home because you’re so heavy,”
said Asbury.

The designer of the program Sarah Hallberg said people can
control blood sugar levels almost
instantly with this
consistent diet. She also says the
response from
participants have been amazing and encouraging.

“They cry because they are so
happy, like I can’t believe I don’t
have to take the insulin anymore
or I can’t believe my blood sugars
are normal, or they’ll cry more
commonly and say why didn’t
anybody tell me this before. But it
really show, that we can use food
as medicine,” said Hallberg.

She says the diet program can also
help to maintain blood sugar
levels for people who have type 1
diabetes. About 500 people are taking part in the diet program, which will be evaluated by
doctors over two years.


Diet is one of ways to reverse, control and manage diabetes type 2. Following proper diabetes diet will go a long way in determining how your diabetes story is gonna end. You can do your own research and design a diabetes diet for yourselves according to your culture and financial status.

To learn about participating in the diet program, click the link below

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