11 top natural/home treatment for chicken pox

It is better to know a bit about chicken pox before going to the remedies or treatments.

Chickenpox is created by the virus known as varicella-zoster the same virus that cause shingles and is very contagious meaning it spreads easily from one individual
to another.

This illness is very contagious and can spread through air or contact with spit,
bodily fluid,
then again liquid from rankles of a contaminated person.

The contaminated
individual is infectious from two days before the rashes show up, until the time when all the
rankles have dried.

It usually take 10-21 days for
the symptoms to show. The most widely recognized
signs are an irritated rash and red spots or rankles everywhere throughout the body .

Symptoms include fever, weakness, loss of appetite, and
hurting muscles. Since most individuals get inoculated against chickenpox, it is generally common among infants, pregnant ladies and those with weak immune system.

For the most part, the most noticeably lifespan of chickenpox is between 14 to 21 days. Be that as it may, you can attempt some common solutions to ease the side effects.

Here are the main 11 common home solutions for chickenpox.

1. Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil can be advantageous in the treatment of chickenpox sore because of its disinfectant and antiviral properties. It
will likewise help blur chickenpox

Just include a couple drops of unadulterated
sandalwood oil to a teaspoon of
a oil like almond oil and apply on the rashes. Do this
frequently until every one of the wounds and scars recuperate totally.


2. Baking Soda
baking soda

Baking soda can help control the
irritation and disturbance from

Blend one-half tablespoon of
baking soda in a glass of water. Utilize a delicate washcloth
to put the arrangement on the
influenced parts of the body and permit it to dry.

Another alternative is to blend one-half or one measure of
baking soda in your bathing water and absorb it into body i.e let the water dry up into body without using towel.

3. Carrots and Coriander

A soup made of carrots and coriander is profoundly advantageous in
the treatment of chickenpox. It is
rich in cancer prevention agents that assist in
the mending procedure.

Cut up 100 grams of carrots to get around a cup of cleaved carrots and chop and cleave 60 grams or one and one- half cup of fresh coriander
leaves and boiled them in
around two and one-quarter cup of water until a large portion of the cup of water vanishes.

Drink the soup once every day for around a month. You can
likewise eat the boiled carrots and coriander leaves for
included quality.

4. Calendula Flowers

Calendula, otherwise called marigold blooms can likewise be used to soothe the tingling brought about by chickenpox.

Put two tablespoons of calendula blooms and one teaspoon of witch hazel
leaves in some water and give it a chance to sit overnight.
In the morning, pound the
blend completely.
Apply the glue straightforwardly on
the rashes.

Flush it off when it dries totally.

5. Oatmeal shower

A oatmeal shower is a prominent home solution for irritation
brought on by chickenpox.

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Grind two measures of oatmeal into a fine powder.

Put the powdered cereal in two liters (half gallon) of lukewarm/tepid water.

Absorb the bathwater for 15 to 20 minutes.

6. Indian Lilac

Indian lilac, otherwise called margosa or neem is helpful in the
treatment of chicken pox as it has antiviral properties.

Moreover, it assists to dry the rankles and reduces itching to a
awesome degree.

Take a modest bunch of neem leaves,
squash them and apply the glue
on the influenced body parts. Including
neem leaves in shower water is moreover helpful.


7. Brown Vinegar

A standout amongst the best solutions for treating chicken
pox is brown vinegar. It will mitigate skin aggravation and help
recuperate the sores and forestall scarring.

Essentially include half measure o chicken
pox is brown vinegar. It will mitigate skin aggravation and help
recuperate the sores and forestall scarring.

Essentially include half measure of brown vinegar to tepid
bathwater, and absorb the shower
for around 10 to 15 minutes.

8. Herbal Tea
Anybody infected with chicken pox can t herbal tea made from
herbs such as chamomile, holy
basil, marigold and lemon balm.

Put one tablespoon of any of these herbs in a cup of
boiling water. Let it steep
for a few minutes and then
strain it. Add a little cinnamon, honey
and lemon juice and sip the
tea slowly and drink this herbal tea a few
times a day.

9. Honey

Honey will give help from irritation and help recuperate the
rankles brought on by chickenpox.

Get a decent quality, immaculate honey and coat the influenced body parts with it.


Rehash the procedure two to three times each day until the
scars are no more.

10. Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is also used to reduce skin irritation and itching caused by chicken pox.

lavender oil

Dilute a little lavender essential
oil with carrier oil like almond
oil or coconut oil and apply it on the influenced body areas and leave it on until it dries. Rehash the process 2 times daily.

You can also add a few
drops each of lavender and
chamomile essential oils in
lukewarm water and soak in
this bath for about 10

11. Coconut oil and water

Coconut is a very powerful antiviral food. Consuming coconut fruit as a a whole and applying coconut oil or water on the affected body parts could help to halt the growth of chicken pox virus and clear the blisters/rankles/rashes from the body.


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