2 popular herbal remedies for relieving breast pain

It should be noted that breast pain is a common symptom of menopause that affects around 70% of middle-aged women. It can range from mild to severe and hamper a woman’s ability to carry out daily activities. Fortunately, there are several home remedies that can help reduce breast pain. You can also use warm baths, cold compresses, and maintaining proper diets rich in fruits and vegetables to treat breast pain. If the above methods are ineffective, and breast pain persists, it may be time to try herbal remedies like evening primrose oil or chasteberry. It is advisable to always consult a doctor before starting a new supplement regime.

Two of the most popular herbal remedies for relieving breast pain are evening primrose oil and chasteberry.

  • Evening primrose oil. The extract from this flower has long been used as a home remedy for breast pain. However, it effectiveness varies from in women.
  • Chasteberry. This is another effective herbal remedy for breat pain. It contains no hormones, has traditionally been used for treating premenstrual symptoms, preventing miscarriage, or controlling hormonal balance. It works by reducing levels of the hormone prostaglandin, which in excess can make breasts sore when women aren’t breastfeeding.
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