France won 2018 FIFA World cup with African players

The French team has 14 of their 23 players with their roots from Africa

France accused of using Africans to reach World Cup final

Iranian politician Ali Motahari says France have profited from players who have their roots from the African continent and other former French colonies.

He believes there is inequality in football because nations like France has benefited from players with African blood and has therefore called on FIFA to do something about it.

“At the World Cup we have teams who profit from players of other countries, with the justification that these players have the nationality of their team. This has undermined and created an unfair situation in the international competition,” Motahari wrote.

“For example, the French team has a large number of players from various African nations, it’s not really the French team it’s effectively the team of France and its former colonies.”

“The same situation, although less serious, applies to Belgium and Germany. The fact that they include a number of African giants shows their weakness at football.”

France progressed to the final on Tuesday with a 1-0 victory against Belgium and will be facing Croatia for the covetous trophy. And won Croatia 4-2 on Sunday 15/7/18 to win 2018 FIFA World cup.

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