Man sent his wife packing for cheating on him with his watchman

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Drama was witnessed at Langas estate on Monday afternoon after a man sent his wife packing for allegedly cheating on him with his watchman.

According to the man Jackson Wangui, a CCTV camera that he had installed in the sitting room after suspecting his wife of adultery, captured the two making love on Sunday evening when he was not at home.

"I do everything for you, try my best to provide for you yet you go ahead and cheat on me with a watchman. I took you from the village and even helped you get a job and this is how you pay me," Wangui shouted at his wife while throwing her things outside his gate.

The watchman with whom the wife is alleged to have had sex with had gone into hiding after hearing the two arguing.

"Please forgive me. It is the devil. Please believe me Jack, I never meant to do it. It was just an accident and it won't happen again," Judith Cheptalam, the wife pleaded with her husband. However her pleas fell on deaf ear.

Apparently, Wangui had suspected that his wife was cheating on him and went ahead to install the CCTV camera without her knowledge.

"I always knew you were cheating on me, I just didn't know with who. Now that I have proof I'm sending you back to your home. I am not your husband anymore. Or you can go ahead and get married to the watchman," Wangui shouted at his wife with anger.

The wife finally collected her belongings which had been thrown at the get and boarded a vehicle. The watchman is however still in hiding.

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