Trouble in the offing for Tekno as Prof. Linkin demands recognition


Even after settling the copyright infringement allegation leveled against him by Danfo Drivers, fresh trouble may be in the offing for Tekno as Prof. Linkin, reggae/dancehall singer who also accused him of sampling his 2003 hit song ‘Jogodo’, has vowed to make trouble until he is also recognized like the Danfo Drivers. When Showtime reached out to Danfo Drivers to clear the air on the matter, they said Prof. Linkin is only desperate for cheap publicity for his forthcoming song titled ‘Gbefun’. Danfo Drivers “Prof. Linkin wants to release a new single that’s why he’s desperate to be relevant before the song drops. He’s just seeking cheap attention”, they said.

The duo’s manager, Noah Itibe Michael, rubbished Prof. Linkin’s claim that he is the originator of the ‘Jogodo’ slang, which is the major bone of contention. “The ‘Jogodo’ he’s talking about has been a normal every day slang in Ajegunle even before he sang his ‘Jogodo’ song. It’s just that he was the first person to use it in a song.

Ordinarily it’s a general slang on the streets of Ajegunle. But Danfo Drivers are the originators of the slang ‘Kpolongo’; they were the first to make it a slang whereas ‘Jogodo’ had always been a slang before Prof Linkin released his ‘Jogodo’ song in 2003. If you listen to Tekno’s ‘Jogodo’ song very well you’ll discover that the only thing he used that was from Prof Linkin’s song is the word ‘Jogodo’, and it has nothing to do with Professor Linkin’s ‘Jogodo’, he said. Tekno Showtime has it on good authority that Tekno never paid Danfo Drivers N2million to shut them up.

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“Danfo Drivers didn’t charge Tekno any money from the beginning. Even before Tekno’s ‘Jogodo’ song, both parties were supposed to work together on a song but when the intellectual theft thing came up it was an avenue for the collaboration to work. The collaboration is even worth more than the N2m Prof. Linkin talked about. Danfo Drivers need Tekno at this time to boost their career”, said the source who wouldn’t want his name in print. Though he has declared he won’t be taking legal actions against Tekno Showtime can tell you for free that Prof. Linkin may be eying the N2million he said Tekno paid Danfo Drivers to shut  up. Vanguard


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