Ex-IGP threatens to expose Jonathan

Ex-IGP Suleiman Abba has fired back at Reno Omokri, former aide of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, warning if provoked, he could spill secrets that would make the former president uncomfortable

He spoke with reporters when he visited the secretariat of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Lagos,

Abba, who was sacked before Jonathana left office, expressed dissatisfaction with the reaction of Omokri to an interview he granted to Daily Trust last month.

In the interview, Abba said the force he led compelled Jonathan to concede the 2015 election.

He also said a top PDP member reached out to him to influence the Osun state 2014 governorship election in favour of the then ruling party.

Omokri then responded by accusing him of spreading falsehood.

“IGP Suleiman Abba is proof of the fact that liars need a very good memory otherwise they would contradict themselves with their lies.”

But Abba challenged Omokri to a debate on his activities as the IG.

“Please tell him (Omokri) to leave me alone as a retired police officer. He cannot change the narrative of what I did in office… If I open up, his godfather (Jonathan) will be sad,” he said.

“Reno should keep quiet and leave me alone. He should know that he is talking about a former police IG and a lawyer. I am well informed about my fundamental human rights. It is my right to speak when I choose to.

“That he was queering why shouldn’t I speak two or six months after leaving office, is not his business. If I can defend the right of others as lawyer, I should be able to defend my own by expressing myself.

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According to him, out of the five IGs his boss worked with, he acted in good conscience.

“I am proud to say that the police under my watch forced ex-President Jonathan to accept the result of the 2015 poll through our professional conduct.

“I have no regret over my action. Our action gave credibility to the 2015 poll which was widely acknowledged by both the local and international observers.”

He added that action gave legitimacy to the APC  government, and that practice all over the world is that whenever election is over everyone should work with the any government that emerged to move the nation forward.

“If Reno Omokri is sad that I am in Nigeria relating with a legitimate government, that is his headache,” he said.



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