YBN Nahmir – Man Down Ft. Chris Brown

YBN Nahmir – Man Down Ft. Chris BrownThe YBN tape isn’t exactly a team building exercise, all three members each go their separate

ways. It’s Nahmir who lands his career defining (to date) collaboration with

a man of Chris Brown’s stature. Which is to say, Breezy generally has the ability to carry a song squarely

on his shoulders, especially if the other rapper/singer is lagging behind.

“Man Down” isn’t a play on words, or a subliminal diss as the title would suggest. In fact Nahmir

and Breezy are very much creating this illusion of danger from thin air.

If Nahmir has grown to fit his boots overnight, and Chris Brown is now as rugged as the song suggests,

I’ll be damned. Then again, aren’t we all guilty of creating our own mythology from time to time?

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YBN Nahmir - Man Down Ft. Chris Brown

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