10 steps to add/post shortcode to/as a particular post in wordpress

Follow the following steps on how to put shortcode on a particular post ( not all posts)


1. Upload and activate advanced ads plugin


2. Press dashboard button and click advanced ads on the list that showed


3. Click on placement


4. Click on the first image among the three images that ask you where you want to place your ad

Note: the first one is the one that will allow you to place ad through function or shortcode. While the second one will allow your to place ad in the header and third one in the body.

In the second box, give your placement a name.


5. Save the placement setting.


6. Go to the post editor where you publish post.


7. Click on the box as if you want to publish. Then click on ad in blue color on the editor buttons above the publishing box.


8. Then select the name you use for placement in step 4 and click on add shortcode.


9. A default shortcode will appear on your publishing box. Just scroll down and place your own shortcode.


10. Press publish and your shortcode content will be publish as post.


You are done! If you like the post please share.


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