“People Think I’m No Brain Because I’m Beautiful” – Curvy Kenyan Model, Corazon

Kenyan socialite, Corazon Kwamboka, is one of the most popular Instagram personalities in Africa. She is also believed to posses one of the widest and curviest hips in Africa. Kwamboka Corazon is also a qualified lawyer.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, the model and entrepreneur said that a lot of people think she’s just a beauty without brain.

She said:-

“I have had situations where colleagues didn’t take me seriously not because of my shape but due to the stigma that comes with being a socialite. People assume that if you are beautiful and popular, then you cannot be intelligent too. But I like being underestimated because I like to see their faces when they finally get to hear me speak.”

When asked if she actually practising law, Kwamboka said:-

“I do practise law – both commercial and criminal. My firm is in Nairobi; so, if you ever need legal representation, you know who to talk to. Imagine a beautiful, powerful woman like me who actually knows what she’s doing representing a client; you can never go wrong.”

Corazon, whose boyfriend is Italian, said she had bad experience dating African men:

“I wouldn’t say I cannot date a black man; I would definitely consider it. It’s just that my past relationships with black guys ended up in infidelity. White guys are more honest and loving,” she said.

Kwamboka also stated that she loves her brain more than her curves.

She said:-

“I don’t have a favourite part of my body because all the parts complement one another to make an amazing masterpiece, which is me. However, if I had to choose, I’d say my brain. (I have never done surgery). My shape speaks for itself; you know a real body when you see one.”


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