Between Hushpuppi and Emoney, who is the richest

Money answereth all things. As popular as that saying, we find most often time how true it is. Topics such as who is richer between Hushpuppi and Emoney is quite a controversial one as both have used their money to answer their luxurious life style.

Hushpuppi and Emoney have made quite an impression such as buying of luxurious cars, gadgets, constant money give away and so on.

Hushpuppi was seen recently taking the skit comedian, Lasisi Elenu (instagram as @lasisielenu) on a shopping spree in Dubai on Lasisi visit to Dubai back in Febuary 2018. In addition, Hushpuppi spents $5,000 on the comedian.

In a much similar way, Emoney shares money to his Instagram followers when they beg him to bless them on daily basis.  the most recent one was yesterday when he gave Laura Ikeji 500k after she jokingly dropped the ‘bless me ‘ in his comment section.

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The amount the Five star Boss gives out to his followers can not be accounted for. However he has a habit of throwing money at crowd when ever he attends a function. Rumour has it that Kcee younger brother, Emoney visit Ikeja city Mall weekly and throws money to people.

We have done a thorough investigation on the topic Hushpuppi and Emoney who is richer and Networth.

Ray Hushpuppi we usually call him AKA Aja 4 is a Dubai based Nigerian rich Guy and Philanthropist born on 14th June. Best known for his luxurious lifestyle (on Instagram as @Hushpuppi) he lives both home and abroad. This young Millionaire has taste for good things as he is highly fashionable. He is well known for his love for Gucci. The pictures he shares on his social media platform shows the kind of life he lives as he believes highly in living large and having fun to the fullest.

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According to the media, he had a Rolls Royce, buys drinks worth millions of naira daily just like he did at Quilox nightclub spending ₦11.5 Million non drinks alone, To prove a point that he is made.

He has reportedly transferred hundreds of thousands of naira, ₦200kand ₦300k to a few of his fans after asking them to drop their account details. This Rich guy always boards a private jet which cost billions of naira to acquire and maintain.

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The Dubai based Hushpuppi Net worth is estimated at $20 Million USD.

Emeka Okonkwo popularly known as E-money (@iam_emoney1 on Instagram) or Arab Money is a Nigerian business Guru born on 18th February, 1981. Emoney is a very popular Business man because of his brother Kcee and of course his flamboyant life style.

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The business tycoon is the immediate younger brother of Nigerian Music Star Kcee. He is always on the news for lavishing money, especially during public events. His lavish life style was noticed when he used a money spraying gun to spray money at his friend’s wedding ceremony. Furthermore, he owns a music label, Five star music label, which houses many artiste including his elder brother Kcee and the popular Harry-song (Harry song is no longer with Five star Music).

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E-Money Business
The flamboyant rich Man business enterprise comprises of

Emmy Cargoes Limited
Five Star Record Label
Oil and Gas,
Real Estates
Five star Tomatoes paste
Five shipping company

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How Emoney made his Money?

Emoney stated in an interview with that while in his younger days, he was hustling. Then he claimed his elder brother and him suffered and tried to make ends meet. He also stated that due to his situation, he used to beg for money from his elder brother Kcee.

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The story changed when he was he just got married. They were still in his Wives village did not have money to go back to Lagos. He asked Kcee for N25000 to transport his bride n him back to lagos and on the way after they boarded a bus, he received a call of a contract worth $2million. This was his turn around. It was not stated what the line of the Business of the contract. But we know his first line of business was his Shipping company.

E Money Net worth is estimated at $27 Million USD. His net worth is calculated based on his properties and business ventures.

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In conclusion, the figures above can rightly tel you who is richer between the duo. Due to the exposed businesses Emoney has showcased we can comfortably choose Emoney ahead of Hushpuppi. Since Hushpuppi have not exposed his real source of income, we can not compare them.

Finally for the readers, please share your comments and lets see your views. Also remember to share on social media.



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