You can make N1 every minute on minenaira

There are many possibilities to making money online not just through ponzi schemes or the yahoo business. On this blog, I’ve shared quite some methods by which you can make money online but I realized that those methods needed you to spend before you could make the money. For example, WinApay & FastPlay24.

Earlier this week, while going through my phone, I stumbled upon this site that allows you mine naira. The word “mine naira” seems absurd because we all know how the state of the country’s economy is right now. Not minding that fact, just like bitcoin, there is actually a site that permits you to earn money by working for it and the best part is that it is free to join. This site is called Minenaira.

Minenaira is a platform with over 5,126 registered users at the time of writing this post, that allows you mine naira by being active on their site. For every minute you spend on minenaira, you get N1. But I’m sure you must have wondered what kind of site would allow you just mine money without getting anything in return. Actually, they are also benefiting from it.

How does Minenaira make their money?

They earn from advertisements and share the revenue with their members. When you sign up, you are more like a publisher but you are given the option to promote your site, and if you do, you become an advertiser.

Features of an Advertiser on Minenaira

Being an advertiser on minenaira means that you pay for getting visits to your website, these are for sites who want more traffic to boost their revenue. Minenaira has promised the advertisers that they are hitting over 50,000 visits per day due to the desire for the publishers to earn more.

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From that, you can see that minenaira seems like the best place to promote your website for high quality traffic. Get your business seen by millions by paying for either ₦1 per visit or ₦5000 fora month. You can also promote your banner ad on the minenaira website for prices starting from ₦500 per day.

  • Get referrals or affiliates to any program.
  • Effortlessly build a massive downline fast.
  • Generate potential leads, sales or opt-ins.
  • Increase site traffic and Alexa rank.
  • Reduce bounce rate.
  • Get your site or blog known online.
  • Safe and easy payments with paystack.
  • Set it & forget it advertising service.
  • Fast & professional support.
  • Advertise for as low as ₦1 per view.
  • They provide full access to real stats (They don’t provide you fake stats).
  • They have the best advertising rates.
  • They provide real video views.
  • They provide quality traffic to your websites.
  • They don’t use any kind of bots to generate fake traffic or views.

Features of a Publisher on Minenaira

Publishers on minenaira are the ones that make up the 50,000 visits a day. Like I said earlier, signing up makes you a publisher, this is where you get the chance to earn N1 every minute. Here are the features of being a publisher on minenaira;

  • Get paid to keep an open window.
  • Get paid to refer your friends.
  • Get paid via PayPal and Bank Transfer.
  • No limits on earning amounts or referrals.
  • No Multiple accounts.
  • Cheaters will be blocked.
  • Fast payments on-time, everytime.
  • ₦2,000 minimum payout.
  • Fast & professional support.
  • You get paid ₦1 every minute.
  • They always pay on time.

How to mine cash on Minenaira

  • Fill in your personal information, such as your email address and password for the minenaira account.
  • When logged into your dashboard, scroll down, until you see something the Start Making Money tab.
  • Click on Start Mining Cash and you should start making the N1 a minute on minenaira.

Having read all of that, I’m pretty sure that you are eager to join minenaira and start earning today. Join today and start earning money every minute by doing nothing except keeping mining window open and completing jobs. Use latest version Google Chrome or Mozilla or our app only for better mining experience.

However, there is the basic plan and the VIP plan. You don’t need anyone to really tell you that the VIP plan has a pricing, but it will also benefit you. The main advantage that the VIP users have over the basic users, is that the minimum payout threshold would reduce to N2,000 unlike the N5,000 for the basic plan. When you sign up, you get the basic plan then you are given the option to go for the VIP plan. Don’t worry, they won’t disturb you to go for the plan, since the plan costs N2,000 a month.

Make N1 every minute with Minenaira

There are more ways to make money on minenaira, when you sign up, there is a job tab containing at least thirteen (13) jobs with each of them having different price tags. Some go for as high as N5,000 and as low as N100 per job. You can get more money by inviting your friends and you will receive lifetime commission from their earnings.

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Make N1 every minute with Minenaira 1

You are allowed to register and use just one account. If you register more than 1 account, they will disable all your accounts. They pay through paypal for foreign users, Nigerian users only can request using bank account. One request every 30 days for basic users and one request every 15 days for VIP users. All payments take 3-7 days to complete. They pay once you mine up to ₦5,000 for basic and N2000 for VIP and you receive 30% of the mined revenue.



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