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Aviation expert task federal government get up isolation hospitals for coronavirus

Aviation expert, Mallam Abdulazeez Yinka-Oniyangi, has urged the federal government to take proactive measure against the spread of the coronavirus.

He suggested building of isolation hospitals/quarantine centres in strategic places across the country where suspected cases can be diagnosed and properly treated.

Oniyamgi who is the President and Chief Executive Officer, Swift Air Ambulance Services, gave this admonition in a chat with newsmen at the weekend.

The industrialist argued that the plea by some Nigerians resident in China to return home, might not be out of place after all, since it is within their constitutional rights to be protected by the government.

“Well if the stories are true it is within their constitutional right to be protected. But then the question is what is the risk inherent in bringing them back? Exposure to the epidemic obviously. What are the safety nets provided? The government can consider the appeals but ensure contingent plans and variables.

“I am aware that the Special Adviser to the President on diaspora issues is seriously monitoring the situations in China. Nigerians especially those in Wuhan where the epidemic is largest have been advised to strictly follow the medical instructions on preventive measures. Fortunately the situation is not widespread in China but more of Wuhan and few patients in Guandong, Shanghai and a little others. It’s more of Hanei Province issue.

“We can only advise the government to take proactive measures such as setting aside or building isolation hospitals. It took China just two weeks to build a 1000 bed Hospital for the purpose,” Oniyangi disclosed.

He however cautioned the Chinese authority not to consider killing the victims of the deadly virus in an attempt to contain it.

Oniyangi also expressed joy that latest report indicated that the recovery rate is far higher that death rate.

“I am not sure about this report that the Chinese is considering killing the victims .For me, that could amount to heinous crime executing your own people. In any case I am aware that the disease continues to be contained and there are already thousands of people who have recovered. Recovery rate is higher than the death rate. I am seriously monitoring the situation since I also have domestic interest in China”, he said.

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