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Barcelona cut ties with Ronaldinho

Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho was behind bars on Saturday after being arrested for entering Paraguay on a fake passport, a judge in Asuncion confirmed Saturday.

Ronaldinho is facing a worst case scenario in his battle to be released from prison after a key witness failed to give evidence and Barcelona cut ties with him.

The Brazilian World Cup winner, 39, was arrested two week ago after allegedly entering Paraguay with a fake passport.

Ronaldinho has been warned that he could face up to six months in jail if found guilty of using dodgy documents.

The former footballing wizard has been behind bars alongside his brother Roberto de Assis, 49, and their trial is ongoing after they were both refused bail.

But their case for release was dealt a major blow when Dalia Lopez – the businesswoman said to have organised their visit – failed to present herself in court.

Her testimony is vital to the brothers’ chance of release but on the day she was called, her lawyer presented a doctors note excusing her absence, according to Spanish outlet Sport.

It reportedly stated her type two diabetes means she is considered “at risk” and therefore required to self-isolate due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Ronaldinho’s old team Barcelona are also said to have distanced themselves from their former playmaker as his chance of release looks slimmer by the day.

Their superstar forward Lionel Messi was recently said to have been considering helping his old teammate with his case but that has since been refuted by the Argentine.

A friend of Ronaldinho recently visited him in prison and claimed he was “sad and angry but smiling” as he vowed never to return to Paraguay.

After his arrest, other reports suggested the ex-AC Milan superstar could be involved in a money-laundering scheme.

Ronaldinho went to Paraguay to participate in a charity event called ‘Angelical Fraternity’ but was detained by police shortly after his arrival.

The former Ballon d’Or winner’s requests for house arrest were denied after Paraguay judge Clara Ruiz ordered their arrest saying that “there is a flight risk and there is a danger of obstruction”.

Ronaldinho’s defence claims the passport was given to him as a symbolic gift and he accidentally presented it at the airport thinking it was his Brazilian passport.

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