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Ibadan court dissolves 12-year old marriage over incompatibility, infidelity

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A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan on Friday dissolved a 12-year old marriage between Saheed Adewoyin and Mariam Adewoyin over incompatibility.

The court’s President, Chief Ademola Odunade, in his judgment, said the dissolution was necessary to avert further anarchy between the couple.

Odunade held that the union between Saheed and Mariam had been irreparably dented that dissolution was the only solution in order to avert future anarchy.

He consequently dissolved the union and awarded custody of the three children to Saheed and directed them to keep away from each other.

The arbitrator berated Mariam’s actions, describing her as “a shameless and black sheep” to the family.

He also advised parents to bring up their children in a Godly way so that they would not rubbish their image in future.

Saheed Adewoyin, a father of three had told a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve the 12 year-old marriage between him and his estranged wife, Mariam due to her unrepentant infidelity.

Adewoyin made the statement in his testimony before the court while consenting to the divorce suit filed by Mariam over the allegation of frequent battery and irresponsibility she leveled against him.

He disclosed that some senior officers in Oyo State police headquarters at Eleyele intervened and made his wife and her police concubine to sign an undertaking to stop cheating on him, but their amorous game continued unabated.

“After I had expected Mariam to return home that evening, I got to know from another policeman, who told me that she had gone to the bedroom of a certain policeman that was just posted to their station.

“I located the house and I was shocked to find Mariam and the man deeply engulfed in sexual intercourse.

“However, the landlord, who never knew the reason for my bitter reaction angrily slapped me, but later begged me when he eventually got to know what the policeman was doing with my wife in his house.

“I reported the concubine at Testing Ground police station where he usually reports for duty and the DPO vowed to institute a disciplinary action against him.

“He pleaded with me to forgive him and I prayed the DPO not to go ahead with the punishment.

“Mariam’s concubine was consequently transferred to Ogbere police station and his unholy romance with Mariam assumed a more dangerous dimension and they even went to the altar without my knowledge.

“I never knew many of Mariam’s atrocities because most of the time, she told me that she was travelling for business purpose, sometimes for a whole week.

“When we searched through her mobile phone, we saw pictures and video of their wedding ceremony and Mariam saved the policeman’s name as ‘Ade mi, Ife mi’ meaning; my Crown, my love.

Saheed tendered all the pictures and video as well as the undertaking signed by the policeman and Mariam at Eleyele police headquarter as exhibits to support his argument.

“My lord, Mariam had even confessed that she had aborted three pregnancies for the man before and that officer was once detained by the police authority on this same case,” Saheed said.

Mariam, who lived at Olomi-Olunde area of Ibadan, had earlier pointed out that she was no longer interested in continuing with her husband anymore because he often unleashed mayhem on her.

“Saheed keeps accusing me of dating a policeman, who was just posted and the truth of the matter is that I am quite close to most of the policemen at the Testing Ground police station because they are my customers, who buy clothing materials from me.

“There was even a day he stripped me naked during my menstrual period to check if I had kept money in any hidden place of my body,” Mariam told the court.

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