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Police Fire Teargas Canisters To Control Big Brother Naija Crowd In Abuja

To prevent an imminent stampede at the Abuja venue of the Big Brother Naija 2019 audition, policemen have resorted to firing teargas canisters into the crowd.

The applicants shut down the area and surrounding axis on Friday, as they thronged the venue of the MultiChoice Nigeria office.

They were said to have come into Abuja from within and outside the city, and the crowd led to a major traffic gridlock in the area.

Human movement from Transcorp Hilton axis to Wuse II was a nightmare.

The situation almost resulted in a stampede, which was narrowly averted when the Police fired teargas canisters into the air with a view to controlling the ecstatic crowd.

SaharaReporters gathered that the process used to screen the applicants was very slow.

Many people scampered for safety whenever there was a surge in the crowd, arising from the impatient applicants who were pushing in an attempt to outdo one another to enter the audition hall.

Some of the applicants were said to have arrived Abuja on Thursday, ahead of the event.

Findings revealed that only five people would be selected from each centre.

The auditions are taking place in eight centres across the country: Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Warri, Calabar, Enugu and Benin.

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Tobi & CeeC Spotted At Dinner After Explosive BBNaija Reunion Episode

Former lovebirds and Big Brother Naija “Double Wahala” contestants, Tobi Bakre and CeeC have been at loggerheads ever since the Big Brother Naija show ended in 2018.

And on Friday March 22nd, when the fifth episode of the reunion show aired, CeeC made a big revelation when Ebuka had a discussion with only the female ex-housemates.

Cee-c calmly revealed how Alex had sex with Tobi whilst in South Africa yet kept telling her that they were just besties. Cee-c also expressed shock as Tobi had been denying his affair with Alex even during their stay in the house.

Despite the runion drama, it’s amazing that they still went out to dinner the same day the explosive episode aired, right?

Well, they both were spotted at a dinner party put together by Amstel Malta.

The estranged lovers have, for the past few weeks, been living their best lives and telling the world about it as Amstel Malta continues to support Nigerians to be the best version of themselves.

And while they weren’t seen to be reuniting or making amends, one can’t help but wonder if they’ll ever get back to the good old Tobi and CeeC from the Big Brother House.

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You’re The Kind Of Candidate I’ll Endorse, Femi Kuti Tells Sowore

Femi Anikulapo-Kuti, Nigerian musician and son of the late afro-beat legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, has called on young people to plan for a landslide victory against the corrupt establishment. 

He made the call at the New Africa Shrine, Ikeja, Lagos while hosting Omoyele Sowore, presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC).

Femi, who is also a human rights activist, spoke on the sudden postponement of the elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“This bunch of people, them yeye no be small.How can you just wake up and say you are not ready? What have you been doing for the past four years?,” he asked.

Lifting Sowore’s hand, he continued: “If I’m going to endorse somebody, this is the type of person I will endorse. If there is a person I will endorse, I will endorse a young man that will lead a young generation to the future, to provide good schools, to provide good health care, good roads, electricity.”

He advised Sowore to keep to his promise, saying: “This country needs this; do this now; every corner of this country. Roads must be fixed; a minimum of five great hospitals; all universities must be of international standards. Nothing less; no excuses. A government that will not give you excuses; a government that is ready to work immediately it is empowered; a man that is ready to go to the four corners of this country not that he will be sweating: ‘Hey, I don tire, hospital today hospital tomorrow’.

“I told you, this is the time to plan. They are a bunch of failures. The youth must be ready so that there is a landslide in every corner. Nobody must steal again in this country; everybody must have equal opportunity to be successful; one man’s success is everybody’s success.”

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If You Want To Waste Your Vote, Waste It Wisely On Sowore, Says Mr 2Kay

Popular entertainer and ‘Bad Girl’ crooner, Abinye David Jumbo widely known as Mr. 2Kay, has asked Nigerian youth to “waste” their votes on Omoyele Sowore, Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC).

The musician made the call while in a conversation with Sowore, streamed live on Facebook.

Mr 2kay had announced his support for Sowore through a post on Instagram.

Charging the Nigerians to support Sowore, Mr 2Kay said: “We are taking it back to make it good. The truth be told, I think it’s time to give back to the country.

“It’s better to do, as they say, waste your vote. And if you want to waste your vote, waste it on Sowore. Waste it wisely, and then it can be recycled because it is very productive.

“Why I’m supporting your race is that I believe you have the ideas that we need to help this country get to the next level, get better and I think its time for us to give young people, that is why I’m supporting you, I’m supporting Banky, and Mr. Jollof.”

“Basically, I’m supporting you fully. I’m giving you my vote and I’m asking the people I can influence and my followers to just go on and support you as well on Saturday.”

Mr 2kay, who said he had been attacked for publicly confessing his backing for Sowore, described the situation of the country as sickening, as citizens are being exploited daily.

“Some people attacked me and said I’m wasting my vote. I am tired of those people; they have been recycled and always come back. They are all the same, I am sick and tired of writing proposals and someone else will read it, make so much money from it and give me little.” 

Mr 2kay took a jibe at other celebrities for not taking a stand and supporting young candidates, saying: “Some of the celebrities are ready to support the young candidates but are scared to come out. I feel disappointed that entertainers who are supposed to come all out for someone like you are laid back and that is a big shame. The old politicians don’t even care about the entertainment industry.”

He also lamented that the government had abandoned the entertainment industry despite their contribution to the country.

“It is a big shame to the government because what entertainment has done for Africa and Nigeria, entertainment has put the country on world map. The government should focus more on improving the industry.”

He urged Sowore to invest in the industry and make loans available for entertainers when he becomes the President.

Mr 2kay also urged all the young people, social media influencers, bloggers and entertainers to come out en-masse to support Sowore. 

“Don’t go to rallies because of the penny they will give you. You can take the money when they offer but vote for Sowore,” he stated.

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(Video) Waje Cries Out On Burden Of Financial Demands On Her Music

Popular Nigerian singer, Waje, has quit music. Waje made the announcement in a viral video with her friends on social media.

Giving reasons, Waje complained of no funds and lack of promotion and support for her music.

According to her: “I’m quitting music because I don’t have money for music promotions and publicity.

“People were shouting Waje release album, I did where are they now

“I have so many responsibilities to take care of and my music keeps taking the bulk of my money, I’m not willing to put in money there again.

“Maybe it’s fair to give music a rest, for now. I can’t have released an album after everybody has been shouting ‘Waje, your last album is how many years ago?’ All the people that were shouting, where are they?

“My daughter’s school fees is there. It’s like I have ten things laid out for me every time but it has always been my music taking the bulk of the money. I am not willing to put money there anymore.”


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Nigerians Will Forever Remember You If You Become President, Iyanya Tells Sowore

Popular musician, Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, widely known as ‘Iyanya’, says Nigerians will remember Omoyele Sowore forever if he emerges President in the general election rescheduled for Saturday, February 23, 2019.

This has come as a boost for the presidential ambition of Omoyele Sowore, contesting on the platform of the African Action Congress (AAC).

Iyanya made the statement when he appeared on Sowore’s #OurTime, a programme Sowore anchors to keep supporters updated on his campaign.

Commending entertainers for their contribution to advancing the country, Sowore noted that the industry and talent of musicians, as well as actors and actresses, have put the country favourably on the international scene.

Speaking with Sowore on #OurTime, Iyanya said: “I strongly believe that if someone like you goes in there, I’m sure you would do things that will make Nigerians remember Sowore for the rest of our lives and I’m wishing you the best.”

Iyanya commended Sowore’s SPICERHEAT agenda, stating that his plans would make the country better and help support the production of entrepreneurs.

“Imagine a Nigeria where everybody has light. What it means is that my nephew, who wants to start work, doesn’t need to buy a generator set. With the number of generators we have in Nigeria and the people who are exporting them, we can’t get power supply in Nigeria,” he said.

He expressed support for all young candidates seeking political positions in the coming elections, saying it is time Nigerians supported young candidates — because the country needs a “saviour” to salvage the deplorable situation of the country.

“I am sitting with you because every time I watch you, you speak facts. I’m also sitting down here to say let’s give young people a chance. If you go there and do well, I will support you forever, and Nigerians will support you. What Nigeria needs now is a saviour but nobody is holy.

“I agree with you that it is time for the government to let young people come up to office; it is time to make new heroes, especially the young generations, because Nigerians need people who love the people.

“The people are suffering today because there is no love coming from above to the lowest level. There are people who are suffering, who appreciate money as low as N100. So, it is time for the government to allow young people who have the relationship with the young generations to come in and bring new ideas and change the game, because the situation right now is not good for the people out there and it is really bad.”

Stating why celebrities are not coming out to publicly endorse politicians, Iyanya said the people come after them and sometimes attack them when the candidates they support fail to perform.

In his remarks, Sowore said: “Nigeria is at a point where there must be a generational transition. The old generation of leaders who are analogue thinkers must give way for the digital generations.”

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Lovebirds, Linda Ejiofor & Ibrahim Suleiman Celebrate Tinsel’s 2500th episode With Special Dinner

Lovebirds and movie stars Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman are celebrating this weekend and we’re here for it.

Tinsel has just aired its 2500th episode and in celebration, the cute newly weds were spotted out at dinner as Ibrahim rocked a black suit and Linda opted for a nice blue dress.

The dinner party hosted by Amstel Malta, also had Tobi Bakre, Enyinna Nwigwe, CeeC, Timini Egbuson, Tonto Dike and others in attendance.

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Police Woman ‘Tears Up Her Own Uniform’ To Get Arrested Nollywood Film-Maker Sent To Jail

Lanre Adediwura, Nigerian Nollywood movie producer and director, found himself behind bars after having an altercation with the Police.

In a four-part video he shared on his Instagram handle on Friday, Adediwura narrated how he was arrested while he was offering to give his friend and his colleague a lift.

In the first video posted by Adediwura, some police officers could be seen and one of them in his cars.

He also showed his torn shirt, the pregnant woman whose eyes was cut from an attack by one of the officers and the windscreen of his car that was damaged by the Police.

Witnesses could be heard accusing the officers of removing their name tags when Adediwura started recording with one of the officers identified as Omolara.

Narrating how the incident happened in the second video, the movie producer said: “I woke up this morning and left my home. I got to a particular bus stop and saw this friend of mine who happened to be an old friend from university. I pulled over and asked him where he was going, he said Ikeja and I told him I am going to Iyana-Ipaja. He also said I should pick his pregnant colleague.

“As we moved on, a tricycle blocked me and four police officers, two females and two males, came down from the tricycle. They asked me to come out which I did. 

“While I was talking to the officer, the other officer entered my vehicle and I went to meet her that madam, you can’t just go into my vehicle without asking me any question. I wanted to remove my car key from the keyhole, the next thing; she pulled me over with my shirt and tore my short.

“Before I knew it, she already used her elbow against the face of the pregnant woman and blood was coming out.”

The third video showed Adediwura in the Ejigbo Magistrate court where he was arraigned for assaulting the officers.

He said the Police had turned the situation around and were now claiming he and his friend assaulted the officers.

“So, the Police had their way; they turned the story around, the Magistrate granted us a bail of N50,000 each requesting for sureties,” he said.

He added that the Police failed to mention that an officer broke his car windscreen and also injured the pregnant woman.

He added: “My car is impounded; If I don’t get surety, I remain behind bars. This is Nigeria, Nigeria Police! I was just going by my daily business, I am just a filmmaker, I need justice, and I need help.”

In the last video, he pleaded for Nigerians to help him demand justice from the Police, as he was being taken to Kirikiri prison.

He said: “This is the worst they could do to us, taking us right now to Kirikiri; they have turned the story around saying that we brutalized the Police meanwhile, we are the ones brutalized. I’m not filming, I’m not shooting a movie; this is a handcuff in my hand.”

When contacted, Mr Bala Elkana, Lagos State Police Command Public Relation Officer, said Adediwura was stopped because he contravened traffic law of the state by parking in the wrong place.

He said: “I was able to identify who those police officers are and I got them to my office this morning to listen to their own side of the story.

“There was a traffic contravention by him; he parked wrongly on the road and from the video he uploaded, other road users had to maneouver before they passed.

“We have ascertained that he parked wrongly on the road. He parked wrongly to talk to a friend; that was when the Police officers accosted him.

Elkana stated that the Force was investigating the matter and anybody found guilty, including the officers, would be punished.

He added that he had personally ensured that the movie producer and director was granted bail by the court.

“I’m still reviewing the video to see at what point he was brutalized but I have seen where a woman police was having issue with another woman in the car in one of the videos.

“They have all made statements and we are investigating what actually happened. The matter is already in court and I have moved further to intervene even at the court level to be sure he is granted bail.

“Right now as I am talking to you, his wife and friends are at the court as well as the Division Police Officer. We want him to be released today while we continue to investigate the matter.

“We want to also look at the action of our men to know if they professionally handle it. We will look at it critically and whoever is wrong at the end of the day will be punished. Justice will definitely be done to everybody.”

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YouTube celebrates rise of AfroBeats with launch of Burna Boy Spotlight Story

YouTube yesterday 26 march 2019 launched its Spotlight Story documentary on Nigerian Afro-fusion singer and songwriter Burna Boy. Having catapulted to fame with the 2012 release of his single “Like to Party”, Burna Boy has become one of the leading musical voices on the African continent and an international YouTube sensation.

The 18-minute documentary, which can be viewed here, was launched at an exclusive watch party and tells the story of the rise of AfroBeats and the role YouTube has played, through Burna Boy’s eyes. Additionally, the video sees Burna Boy and his manager, Bose Ogulu (who just happens to be his mum), sharing some of his coming-of-age stories.

This is not the first time YouTube has built a story around Burna Boy. In October 2018, he got an ‘Artist on the Rise’ feature on the YouTube for Artists web page

The video streaming service has played a major role in supporting African musicians and artists in sharing their voice, art and culture with the world. Not only does YouTube’s global reach help break artists, and bring African music to the world, its audience makes fan content that helps amplify the reach of African voices. Additionally, YouTube’s technology allows music producers to be inspired and to collaborate like never before.

“Cultural movements grow and build on YouTube,” says Addy Awofisayo, YouTube Content Partnerships Manager, Sub Saharan Africa. “African music is the most recent example. For years now, YouTube has played an essential role in the discovery and development of African sound, exporting African music to listeners worldwide, enabling collaborations within the global and regional music industry, and accelerating the transition to digital for fans on the continent.”

A large share of YouTube views for top African artists come from outside the continent, with international artists such as Kanye West, Beyonce, and Childish Gambino integrating African elements into their music, choreography, and visual style.

“Ten years ago, African producers and artists had no easy way to hear, be inspired by, and influence sounds and artistry from around the world,” says Awofisayo. “YouTube technology changed that.”

“It will continue to do so too,” she adds. “With the launch of products such as YouTube Go in 2018, more African artists will be able to share their work with an increasingly large audience, fully cementing their place on the global map.”

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