Buy Fashion Android Smart Watch

Description description :

The item is a Wrist Watch and Android Phone “All in one”. This Apple Proto-type Android Smart Watches performs  all that an Android Phone can do and in a smarter manner. It functions includes: Calls, Music, Bluetooth, Video, Internet access and browsing, We Chat, pulse check, Camera etc. It also have a Memory card slut which  allows you to save files on your Smart Watch and on the go.
I advice you to give it a try as this will allow you to experience another brilliant level of high Tech.

It Key features are:
  •      Clear call ability

    ·        Internet Access

    ·        Video coverage

    ·        Camera

    ·        Music storage

    ·        Memory card Slut

    ·        Bluetooth advantage

    ·        Water resistant wrist band

    ·        And other exciting functions

  •     One Sim card slut


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